EKRA X5 Professional
EKRA X5 Professional
EKRA X5 Professional Applying Solder Paste to Stencil on EKRA Printer EKRA X5 Professional Loading PCB to EKRA X5 Professional Visual Inspection before Reflow My Data - Off Line Kitting My Data - Off Line Kitting Tioga's Tape and Reel Stores Ascon Quicky Vapor Phase Oven Tioga 2015 MyData Production Line MY100-10 x 2 (Synergy Line) Hand Placing Surface Mount Component Loading PCB to DEK Solder Paste Printing Machine Visual Inspection before Reflow Drystor Automated Tape and Reel Machine with Operator APR-5000-DZ Rework System incorporating PoP capability
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Surface Mount Technology

We provide all aspects of Surface Mount Technology

  • KIC X5 9 Channel profiler + Autofocus prediction software

MyData Production Equipment

  • MY19 x 3
  • MY15 x 2
  • MY100LX -10 x 2
  • MY12
  • MY9

Solder Paste Printing

  • Ekra X5 Professional x 4
  • DEK Horizon
  • DEK265EX x 1
  • Zen automated aqueous stencil cleaner and dryer


  • 5x Heller Ovens
  • Automated board loaders and unloaders
  • 2 x Ascon Vapour Phase Ovens

Ancillary Equipment

We have a Drystor temperature and humidity control chamber, VTech AD606, automated board loaders and unloaders, automated tape and reel machine and extensive SMD storage.

Made In The Midlands
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Tioga is a part of Simpatica Group

Tioga is a part of Simpatica Group