Inspecting X-Ray Data
Inspecting X-Ray Data

Quality Control

, Tioga's Quality Policy

  • It is the mission of Tioga to provide cost effective services with a high level of technical support in the supply and manufacture of electronic assemblies.
  • Delivering product that complies with our customer requirements is fundamental to our business.
  • The company is committed to continual improvement of its systems for maintaining and developing exceptional customer relationships and a happy and motivated workforce.
  • It is the absolute aim of Tioga to produce a service of the highest possible quality. The Company shall consistently strive to exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers, thus enabling the business to successfully identify and develop new market opportunities and to enhance the reputation of the Company as a world-class supplier.
  • Management review activity is used to establish and review the Company’s quality objectives in accordance with ISO 9001.
  • The Quality Assurance Manual and associated documentation are implemented and maintained at all employee levels, to ensure that standards of quality required by our customers and the Company are fully met at all stages.

The Quality Mission and manual is the Company's authorised statement of intent to conform to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and therefore forms part of all employee terms of reference. Quality improvement is the responsibility of every Company employee and is the very basis on which Tioga's business principles are based.

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Tioga is a part of Simpatica Group

Tioga is a part of Simpatica Group