EKRA X5 Professional
EKRA X5 Professional
EKRA X5 Professional Ascon Quicky Vapor Phase Oven Operator Using X-Ray Inspection System Blundell CMS 4000CF Wave Solder Machine Visual Inspection before Reflow EKRA X5 Professional MyData Production Line DEK 265 Solder Paste Printing Machine Heller 1707 MK3 Re-flow Oven Drystor Automated Tape and Reel Machine with Operator XTV 160 X-Ray Inspection System Operator using the Package on Package System Operating the AOI Mirtec Inspection System ERSA Scope BGA Inspection Machine Close Up
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Plant List

Tioga has invested heavily in the very latest technology to ensure that we continue to deliver the very best service possible in terms of speed, flexibility, cost efficiency and reliability. We have a company wide ERP System, Microsoft Dynamix Nav and MES System Aegis Factory Logix to compliment  our impressive and comprehensive range of equipment. Please see the key items of our full Plant List below.

Surface Mount Technology

KIC X5 9 Channel profiler + Autofocus prediction software

MyData Production Equipment

MY19 x 3
MY15 x 2
MY100LX -10 x 2

Solder Paste Printing

Ekra X5 Professional x 4
DEK Horizon
DEK265EX x 1

Zen automated aqueous stencil
cleaner and dryer


HELLER 1826 MK5 x 4

ASCON Quicky 450
ASCON Quicky 450VP

Component Handling

Tape and Reel Machine
RVS1 MT-30W Drystor

Vtech AD606 Drystor

Vaccum Sealing
Baking ovens

Toyota fork lift truck

Linpic Kardex Shuttle NT250-1650 x 2

Inspection and Rework

XTV 160 - X-ray Inspection System

ERSA Ersascope BGA Inspection

AOI Mirtec - MV.3L x 3
AOI Mirtec - MV.2HTL
AOI Mirtec - MV.2BTL

Vision Eng Makroptic HD + oblique microscope

Mantis Optical Viewers x 12
Vision Eng Dynascope Optical Inspection Station x 3

PDR IR-E3Vi Rework station
APR-5000-DZ Rework System / PoP capability

Quick 861DA Hot Air Rework station
Quick 201B Desoldering Station x 2

Through Hole / Second Stage

Blundell CMS 4000CF Wave Solder Machine x 2

Pillarhouse Jade Hanex Selective Soldering Machine x 1
Olamef Automated Axial Bending Machine TP6/1
Schleuniger Wire Cutting Machine 9300
Manual Foot Pedal Cropping Machines
Format Sutomatic Cropping Machines

Elite Engineering Cropping Machine
Cab Hektar 2 Automated De-Nibbler
Cab De-scoring Machine
Cab Maestro 4M De-scoring machine

PCB aqueous cleaners and dryers x 3

Conformal coating spray booth

Test Department

Agilent Infiniium Series Tektronix
TDB Series
Hameg, Kenwood, Tektronic Oscilloscopes
Agilent Spectrum / Logic Analysers
Racal Frequency Counters and Generators
TTI, Agilent, Thurlby, IsoTech Power Supplies
Tenma, Agilent, Fluke, Wavetech Multimeters

JTag Boundary Scan

Micromaster, Dataman, Xilinx, JTag, Altera, Actel, OC Demon, MP Labs programmers

Made In The Midlands
Medilink Member

Tioga is a part of Simpatica Group

Tioga is a part of Simpatica Group