Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision
  • Mission and Vision

Mission, Vision and Core Values

Tioga’s Mission Statement, Vision and Core Values are written with the business Lean Culture at the very heart of them.

Our Mission

To make the  buying of electronic assemblies enjoyable for our customers by focusing on our LEAN culture and EXCEPTIONAL customer service.

Our Vision

To embed our passion for manufacturing products through a culture of participation and enjoyment in what we do.

Our Core Values

  • Excellence
    We aim to expand customer expectations.
  • People
    We grow our people and pursue development.
  • Teamwork
    We work as a team because 'all of us are better than any one of us'.
  • Evolve
    We are forward thinkers: don't say 'how we used to do it', say 'how it will be done in the future'.
  • Determination
    We should always find a solution. 'Fix what bugs you'.
  • Respect
    We show respect and tell the truth.
  • Embrace
    We are positive and welcome change.
  • Pride
    We make Tioga a fun place to work.


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Tioga is a part of Simpatica Group

Tioga is a part of Simpatica Group